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Maple Nut Cookie --- makes about 5 dozen

     Christmas cookies were always part of our tradition when I was younger!  Several weeks before Christmas mom would start baking cookies we children would always help (or get in the way).  The picture is representative of a cookie collection that we would present to our friends and relatives during our seasons celebrations.  As I think back about these presents I see how they are better representations of our feelings than the excesses of today.  This year Lisa was in Florida with us and we made, gave away, and ate many packages, the picture shows just one platter of our creations. The Maple Nut Cookies are the frosted cookies closest to you.
    These cookies are tasty with a true maple flavor I am sure you will enjoy them at throughout the year so don't wait for Christmas to try them.


Cookie Plate Cookies
1 t. baking powder
1 t. baking soda
1 t. salt
3 C. plus 2 T. flour
1 C. softened butter
3 eggs
1C. maple syrup (the real maple syrup)
¼ t. maple flavoring
¼ C. boiling water
1 C. chopped walnuts
1 C. chopped dates
3/4 C. coconut

Frosting lisa and cookies
¼ c. margarine or butter, melted
2 T. cream
1 t. vanilla
1 T. maple syrup
2 C. confectionary sugar


Batter-for 5-6 dozen cookies
    Mix the following dry Ingredients in a medium mixing bowl and set aside: 1 t. baking powder ,1 t. baking soda, 1 t. salt, 3 C. plus 2 T. flour.
    In large mixing bowl combine with an electric mixer the following: 1 C. softened butter, 3 eggs, 1C. maple syrup, ¼ t. maple flavoring
    Blend in the dry ingredients plus ¼ C. boiling water
    Hand stir in the following: 1 C. chopped walnuts, 1 C. chopped dates, ¾ c. coconut.
    Chill at least one hour.
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
    Drop by teaspoonful on ungreased cookie sheets.
    Bake 13-16 minutes depending on size of cookies.,,,,

    In medium bowl mix ¼ c. margarine or butter, melted, 2 T. cream, 1 t. vanilla, 1 T. maple syrup, 2 C. confectionary sugar
    Blend until smooth.
    Frost cooled cookies and eat to hearts content!
Merry Christmas